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For the last several years I have wanted to open a wine collective. There are so many great wines available to people, yet it seems as if the access and availability to great wines is limited and sometimes difficult to navigate. What is available locally is what you can find at the groceries or through restaurants.  And because wines in groceries are brought in corporately you tend to find mostly the same wines at all of them.

I decided that I wanted to change that. I wanted to bring access of wines to anyone who is interested in tasting something different and unique.  I decided to create an opportunity for people to experience and taste a wide range of wines and varietals that you have never seen before. And so, that was how, Wine4U was born!!!

It is my hope that those of you seeking a new and unique wine experience will join me monthly to see if I can't introduce you to a whole new world of wine experiences!! Every wine you receive will have been tasted and hand selected as a club special.

We have 2 options for delivery. If you are local to Sandpoint, we will have pick up times available for you or we can ship it to you. If you are out of town, we can ship to the following states:  Alaska, California, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming.

There are 2 tiers to the wine club, Tier 1 is $35 plus tax, and Tier 2 is $65 plus tax. If we are shipping the wine, there will be a shipping charge.  The wine will be ready for pick up by the second week of each month.

Bubbly of the Month
Wine of the month
2018 Gelida Brut Grand Reserve
50%Xarel·Lo, 20%Macabeu, 15%Chardonnay,15%Pinot Noir
Calcareous sandy soils.
Biodynamic, made with organic grapes
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